DevSecOps Days is coming to Istanbul.

Meet fellow practitioners integrating security into their DevOps practices.  Learn about their journeys, share ideas on integrating security into your teams, and trade insights on automating security tools in your DevOps pipeline.

2019 DevSecOps Days Istanbul
2019 DevSecOps Days Istanbul
21 June 2019

DevSecOps Days Istanbul

Grand Cevahir Convention Center
Halide Edip Adıvar Mah. Darülaceze Cad. No:5 Şişli

21 June 2019


Yes, DevSecOps is Real. Real Practitioners. Real Stories. Real Outcomes.

Dr. Lotfi ben Othmane

Lecturer, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Iowa State University

Dr. Arafat Salih Aydiner

Assistant Professor and director of Management Information Systems in the Department of Business Administration

Faculty of Political Science at Istabul Medeniyet University, Turkey

Dr. Emin İslam Tatlı

Director of Cyber Security and Big Data

STM Defense Corp

Kayra Otaner


Kerem Kiziltunc

IT Director

IT Governance & Enterprise and Network Solutions

Hasan Yasar

Dev{Sec}Ops Evangelist, Technical Manager, Adjunct Faculty Member at SEI , Head of Research

Carnegie Mellon University

Mark Miller

Co-Founder, All Day DevOps

Senior Storyteller, Sonatype

New York City

John Willis

CEO, Botchagalupe

Atlanta, GA

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