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DevSecOps Days comes (virtually) to the Southwest.

Join us for 2020 DevSecOps Days Southwest and meet fellow practitioners integrating security into their DevOps practices.  Learn about their journeys, share ideas on integrating security into your teams, and trade insights on automating security tools in your DevOps pipeline. 

Phoenix Downtown-1
Phoenix Skyline


Phoenix Natural Wonder


11 December 2020

DevSecOps Days Southwest

DSO Southwest Agenda


Yes, DevSecOps is Real. Real Practitioners. Real Stories. Real Outcomes.

Stephen Kuenzli

k9 Security, DevOps Phoenix Organizer

Phillip Wylie

Lead Curriculum Developer
Point3 Federal

John Almasan, PH.D.

AVP, Executive Leader of the Advanced Analytics Organization, E&SS

Jason Azzarella


Alyssa Miller

Hacker, Researcher and Security Advocate

Liran Tal

Developer Advocate

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CTG Intelligence (2)

CCofAZ (1)

Sonatype, global sponsor of DevSecOps Days

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