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DevSecOps Days comes to the Los Angeles!

Meet fellow practitioners integrating security into their DevOps practices.  Learn about their journeys, share ideas on integrating security into your teams, and trade insights on automating security tools in your DevOps pipeline.

LA Dusk

LA moutnains

LA rose

15 September 2021

DevSecOps Days Los Angeles 2021 will be held virtually by the Software Engineering Institute on September 15. Make plans to join us now!


9:00 AM 9:15 AM Hasan Yasar Welcome
9:15 AM 9:45 AM Christopher Van Der Made Stay Ahead of the Game: Automate your Threat Hunting Workflows
9:45 AM 9:55 AM   Short Break
9:55 AM 10:25 AM Marudhamaran Gusasekaran Implementing Policy as Code through Open Policy Agent
10:25 AM 10:35 AM   Short Break
10:35 AM 11:05 AM Jhonnatan Gil Chaves Secrets in Kubernetes Across Cloud
11:05 AM 11:15 AM   Short Break
11:15 AM 11:45 AM Rob Richardson Service Mess to Service Mesh
11:45 AM 11:55 AM   Short Break
11:55 AM 12:25 PM Frank Macreery A Security-First Approach to Product Innovation
12:25 PM 12:45 PM   Lunch Break
12:45 PM 1:30 PM Tanya Janca Keynote: More than Just Pipelines: DevSecOps
1:30 PM 1:40 PM   Short Break
1:40 PM 2:10 PM Suresh Chandra Bose Ganesh Bose Enhance AppSec Maturity and Outcomes Using DevSecOps Metrics
2:10 PM 2:20 PM   Short Break
2:20 PM 2:50 PM Arun Prabhakar Achieving Continuous Compliance in DevOps Programs
2:50 PM 3:00 PM Hasan Yasar Wrap Up


Yes, DevSecOps is Real. Real Practitioners. Real Stories. Real Outcomes.

Speaker Selection in Progress

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