2019 DevSecOps Days at RSAC: Full Roster Announced

Jan 21, 2019, 10:52:32 PM By Mark Miller 2019 DevSecOps Days at RSAC - Featured Image

DevSecOps Days at RSAC is a full day of practitioner led sessions and panel discussions on such topics as DevSecOps in the Financial Industry, DevSecOps in the Health Industry, and DevSecOps for Leadership and Management. 

The full agenda and roster for 2019 DevSecOps Days at RSAC is available for download. Click the button below and you'll find a nineteen page pdf with all the information you'll need to plan your day.

Keep reading on how to get a free pass to DevSecOps Days and full access to the Expo Hall at RSA Conference 2019.

The Agenda

The day begins with one of our favorite DevSecOps personalities, John Willis, giving us insight into the creation of the DevSecOps Handbook, through a Q&A session with Shannon Lietz, James Wickett and Ernest Mueller. The day continues with practitioners such as Alexandra Shulman-Peleg, Chenxi Wang, Larry Maccherone, Courtney Kissler, Jodie Kautt, Jennifer Czaplewski and Caroline Wong.

Download the full schedule including session descriptions and bios of the presenters. There's no gateway, just click on the button and you'll be sent directly to a nineteen page pdf with everything you'll need to help plan your day.


 2019 DevSeOps Days San Francisco - Agenda


Format for the Day

Our theme for this year is to present new speakers to the DevSecOps Community, people who deserve exposure for the work and the contributions they are making, not just to their company, but to the entire industry. All sessions are delivered by practitioners who will tell their story from a personal point of view.

Each presenter is introduced by their host, the person who selected them to tell their story. Special thanks to John Willis, Chenxi Wang, Courtney Kissler, Chris Roberts, Hasan Yasar, Derek Weeks, Caroline Wong, James Wickett and Rich Mogull for introducing us to these storytellers.

Join us... for free!

If you'd like to join us for the day, click on the button below and register for RSAC. Select the "Expo Plus Pass" as the ticket type and use the code 1U9DEVOPSXP to waive the fees. That will get you into all of the DevSecOps Days sessions on March 4th, plus full access to the Expo Hall floor for the rest of the week. As part of your schedule, choose DevSecOps Day as part of your agenda to reserve your seat.



Speakers and Hosts

2019 DevSecOps Days at RSAC - Full Speaker Roster

DevSecOps Days at RSAC is an annual event co-hosted and organized by and Sonatype. Our next RSAC event is in Singapore on July 16, 2019. Other regional DevSecOps Days this year include those in London, Pittsburgh, Istanbul, Phoenix and Denver. See the DevSecOps Days Events page for details.