Epic Failures in DevSecOps: Book Release Announcement

Oct 4, 2018 11:55:42 AM By Mark Miller Epic Failures Volume 01 - Featured Image

Editor's Note: We're offering pre-release copies of "Epic Failures in DevSecOps: Volume 1" before the original release date on Amazon. If you'd like a copy, sign up to receive a digital version as soon as it becomes available. Cost? It's free, our way of saying thank you to the DevSecOps Community for their continuing support.

When I was approached by Stefan, DJ and Edwin about acting as Coordinating Editor and Sheep Herder for a new book, their mission to me was clear: we want to reach the widest audience possible who can benefit from our mistakes.

That's where you come in, dear Reader. Our eight faithful authors have been hard at work, documenting their most Epic Failures. Now it's time to get their lessons into your hands. Publication date is set for the middle of this month, as part of the All Day DevOps online global conference. We'd like to give you a complimentary digital copy of the book as part of the launch.

How to Get the Book

What do we ask in exchange? Something pretty simple: register on this page, bottom right corner, to be notified when the book comes out and is available for you to download. That will get you a free, advanced copy of the book before it goes live on Amazon. You'll be subscribed to a weekly newsletter, talking about the latest updates to the book and the news on DevSecOp Days. No spam, no vendor ads, none of that crap. You'll be notified about updates to the book, get access to new books in the series as they become available and hear about the latest practitioner examples in the DevSecOps Community.

Our mission is to educate the DevOps/DevSecOps Community. We think studying and learning from failures is an important part of any educational process. We hope you enjoy our first book on Epic Failures, and look forward to your continuing support of our project.

Mark Miller, Coordinating Editor and Sheep Herder

Practitioner Authors

Aubrey Stern, Interim Head of DevOps, Solicitors Regulation Authority
Caroline Wong, Chief Security Strategist,
Chetan Conikee, Founder and Chief Technology Officer,
Chris Roberts, Chief of Adversarial Research and Engineering, LARES
DJ Schleen,  DevSecOps Evangelist and Security Architect, Aetna
Edwin Kwan, Application and Software Security Team Lead, Tyro Payments
Fabian Lim, DevSecOps Engineer, GovTech Singapore
Stefan Streichsbier, CEO, Guardrails


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