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DevSecOps Podcast Series: Aubrey Stearn on Diversity in the Technology Industry

Jun 12, 2018 3:14:33 PM By Mark Miller

Aubrey Stearn joins Mark and John in a discussion of her upcoming presentation at DevSecOps Days London, and on the diversity issues in technology that are getting front page attention.

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About Aubrey Stearn

Entrepreneur, SRE, Speaker, Coach, DevOps Cowgirl, Transgender, all about culture, amazing people and building incredible teams. Write a little NodeJS and Go

About John Willis

John Willis is Vice President of Devops and Digital Practices at SJ Technologies. Prior to SJT he was the Director of Ecosystem Development for Docker, which he joined after the company he co-founded (SocketPlane, which focused on SDN for containers) was acquired by Docker in March 2015. Previous to founding SocketPlane in Fall 2014, John was the Chief DevOps Evangelist at Dell, which he joined following the Enstratius acquisition in May 2013. He has also held past executive roles at Opscode/Chef and Canonical/Ubuntu. John is the author of 7 IBM Redbooks and is a co-author of the Devops Handbook along with authors Gene Kim and Jez Humble. The best way to reach John is through his twitter handle @botchagalupe.

About Mark Miller

Mark Miller is the DevSecOps evangelist at Sonatype. He is active in the DevOps community through his work as Executive Editor of the DevOps group on LinkedIn, Executive Producer of the OWASP 24/7 Podcast Series, curator for DevOps and DevSecOps tracks at RSA Conference in San Francisco and Singapore, as well as his work on the site. In his spare moments, he dreams about having more time to fly drones, and one day participate in the "Game of Drones" competitions at the Maker Faire.

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