2019 State of the Software Supply Chain (podcast)

Jun 27, 2019 12:16:06 PM By Mark Miller

The 2019 State of the Software Supply Chain Report was released on June 25th. The report is an analysis of the answers from over 5500 participants, allowing data researchers the ability to extrapolate what the most productive enterprises are doing when it comes to managing the software supply chain, and how that compares to less efficient development practices. The purpose of the analysis was to objectively examine and empirically document, release patterns and hygiene practices across 36,000 open source project teams and 3.7 million open source releases.

In this conversation I speak with Derek Weeks, Project Lead for the report, and Stephen Magil, who along with Gene Kim, acted as research partners on the report. If you've been looking for verified research that can be used to help justify a DevOps initiative, or to validate the value of DevOps projects within your company, you'll want to stay with us.

Download a copy of the 2019 State of the Software Supply Chain Report