DevOps, DevSecOps and the Year Ahead w/ Sacha Labourey

Oct 7, 2019 11:17:52 AM By Mark Miller

Once a year, Sacha Labourey and I sit down to discuss the past year and what the coming year looks like for DevOps and Jenkins. As CEO of CloudBees, Sacha has broad visibility into the progress of the DevOps/DevSecOps communities. We started our talk this year, commenting on the growth of the Jenkins World conference, with over 2000 attendees... what does Sacha attribute that to and does it coincide with the growth within the DevOps community.

We continued our discussion by examining how cultural transformation within a company must align with the tools that are available to help with that transformation. Along the way we touched on where cultural transformation comes from within an enterprise, the question of whether DevOps has yet to jumped the chasm, the tipping point for a company's full acceptance of DevOps patterns, and what does Sacha hope to accomplish in the coming year.