DevSecOps Days is coming to a city near you.

COVID-19 Update: Because of the global pandemic, all events are being moved to a virtual environment.

DevSecOps Days is a global series virtual conferences helping to educate, evolve, and explore concepts around developing security as code. Every event is organized by volunteers from the local community. Want to host a day in your city? Use the "Contact us to host your own" button and we'll get you started.

Learn & Engage

Hear from the pioneers. Learn from your peers. Develop the possibilities.

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Pushing the limits of DevOps is natural.  Hear from those who have taken security automation to a new level and broken down traditional silos to accelerate security that scales.

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Many organizations have successfully implemented DevSecOps practices.  Learn how they started, what obstacles they have overcome, and the innovations they have introduced. 

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Network with your peers to understand what solutions they have designed, built, and integrated to scale their DevSecOps initiatives.